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Gift of Hope is a Group Home that provides a step down placement for adolescents between 13 and 17 years of age. Our goal is to transition the individual back into the community by providing an array of services that will enable positive life changes, and help the children gain the necessary independent living skills that will promote self-sufficiency.

We are located in Roanoke, Virginia, and have access to many community programs that provide the opportunity for social interaction and cultural exposure during their transition.

Our community service program enables the residents to make a contribution to the community through their time and effort. Recreational activities assist the residents with identifying specific areas of personal interest, and emphasize constructive use of free time.

Gift of Hope also utilizes many other community support programs that may benefit our residents mentally, spiritually, socially and physically.

Gift of Hope...making a difference for children today
and creating opportunities for a lifetime.

Gift of Hope is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the Interdepartmental Regulation of Children's Residential Facilities. Our program is issued triennial certificates which are available on request.  Gift of Hope is Medicaid Approved.

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