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The Gift of Hope

You are welcome to come here,
to lodge at this place,
you are welcome to stay here,
for we love a new face.
Make yourself comfortable,
and come as you are,
no need to be afraid,
to show your deep scars.

Come meet the staff team,
for we are here for you,
to serve you in the best capacity,
to support you.
We will learn from each other,
every day will be something new,
and we will grow together,
in whatever we go through.

Jesus is the center,
why this place exists,
love, faith and hope,
are gifts He freely gives.
We are here to love you,
and show you a better way
this is the gift of hope,
we welcome you with this embrace.

Wanda Ayala


Gift of Hope is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the Interdepartmental Regulation of Children's Residential Facilities. Our program is issued triennial certificates which are available on request.  Gift of Hope is Medicaid Approved.

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