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Our Program Philosophy

Gift of Hope has been established to provide a transitional placement for children who are unable to remain in a family setting, are in need of a step-down program, or have been unsuccessful in other residential programs.

We believe that one of the purposes of a residential facility is to provide a safe and secure environment that allows children to maintain their presence in the community while teaching them how to co-habitat with others in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

Gift of Hope believes a structured environment that emphasizes positive interpersonal relationships and a core set of life skills will benefit individuals by providing them the necessary skills to become productive and responsible individuals. Gift of Hope assists youths with the preparation of becoming self-sufficient in the community through the use of program objectives that foster independent living skills.

Residents are given the opportunity to benefit from a variety of community resources that serve to assist them in various areas of personal growth.

The primary objective is to provide a plan of care that provides the necessary skills that are essential for individual success while meeting the individual needs of each client.



Our Mission Statement

Gift of Hope will support each resident by developing the necessary skills to move toward independence and self-sufficiency. Our purpose is to provide care, protection and guidance through the use of a variety of program supports which include:

providing the opportunity for life skill acquisition
assisting in developing goals that foster personal growth, responsibility and independence
promoting personal health and safety

Gift of Hope is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the Interdepartmental Regulation of Children's Residential Facilities. Our program is issued triennial certificates which are available on request.  Gift of Hope is Medicaid Approved.

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