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The Independent Living Program

Gift of Hope Independent Living program offers young adults, ages 18 to 21, the opportunity to live independently in the community and receive the guidance and support they need for personal success. The program is located in a quiet neighborhood within Roanoke City limits with easy access to public transportation, employment, and recreational opportunities. Services are identified based on individual need with a focus on daily living skills, education and/or vocational goals, and employment opportunities. Clients receive ongoing case management services and 24 hour staff availability.

Admission Criteria

  • Males and Females, ages 18-21
  • IQ of 70 and above
  • Prospective clients must be eligible to enroll in an educational or vocational program a minimum of part-time and maintain part-time employment while in the program.

Program Services

  • 1 and 2 person apartment leased and furnished by Gift of Hope
  • Apartment located in neighborhood setting
  • 24 hour staff availability
  • Individualized skill training
  • Weekly group meeting
  • Case Management provided by Gift of Hope
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Transportation to medical and counseling appointments when needed
  • Apartment inspection conducted weekly

Program of Care

Gift of Hope Independent Living Program was developed to support young adults in foster care with becoming fully integrated into the community. Services are based on each client’s personal strengths with consideration being given to the individual’s age, maturity level, intellectual capacity, diverse background, and life experiences. Individual Service Plans are designed to support client’s social, emotional, educational and employment goals. Case Management services are designed to ensure all aspects of each client’s care are being addressed through the Service Plan, Life Skills trainings, staff support, and community resources. The program allows
each client to build upon the skills they have learned to ensure continued growth toward self-sufficiency.

Independent Living Skills

Gift of Hope Independent Living program offers weekly groups to enhance life skills and address home maintenance, financial management, career planning, educational and vocational opportunities, social skills, community living and preventative health issues. Individual weekly life skills trainings are offered to address client’s varying maturity levels and progress in the program. Clients may identify and choose specific trainings in areas of personal need and interest. Gift of Hope will also utilize community based supports and services to benefit clients and to increase life skills.

Group of Students

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Gift of Hope is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the Interdepartmental Regulation of Children's Residential Facilities. Our program is issued triennial certificates which are available on request.  Gift of Hope is Medicaid Approved.

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